TRANS 001 E-Bike

Trans 001 is a custom E-bike built in connection to my capstone research paper. The project is a visual representation of a semester spent studying the importance of ‘design built to last.’

The unique frame is built from two circumvented tubes, which eliminate the need for a seat tube, chain stays, or other supports. Trans 001 is powered by a single hub motor, compacted into the rear wheel. The minimal nature of the bike decreases the foreseeable need for maintenance and ensures that Trans 001 will stand the test of time. 

Trans 001 is accompanied by a full branding campaign and a 50 page research book.

Why Not Productions

Since 1990, Why Not Productions has been behind some of France’s greatest art house films.

The purpose of this rebrand is to give Why Not and identity that is just as visually striking as their films, and to build trust excitement in viewers for every film release.

Pointe Claire

Not far from Montreal is a small charming town where I lived for a year. I wanted to express the calm and inviting atmosphere of Pointe-Claire through elegant typography and simple illustrations.

Pima Air Museum

Located in the desert of Arizona is one of the world’s largest aircraft preservation facilities, also known as the “Boneyard”. The purpose of this rebrand was to create a unique experience for visitors to feel as if they themselves were pilots, exploring new horizons.

After doing extensive research on the history of flight, I was strongly influenced by the typographic treatments used in aerospace. At times, type is bold and highly legible from a far distance, while at other times it is used in minuscule blocks of detailed information.

Graphis Gold Award