TRANS 001 Thesis

After building Trans 001, I compiled my research and process into a 40 page book.

Printed with an HP Digital Indigo Press on cotton smooth paper.

King Kong Magazine

King Kong Magazine is a biannual publication dedicated to showcasing the work of ground-breaking artists.

This redesign places greater focus on the featured artists. The grid system and type layouts in no way distract from the images at hand, but rather highlight the work.

Graphis Gold Award

Audi Q8

At VBP, I worked on promotional materials for the release of the
new Audi Q8.

These typographic treatments represent the versatility of the Q8, which lies somewhere in between a sports car and a versatile SUV.

Venables Bell and Partners

Alter Roma Display

The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest prevented The Roman Empire from ever conquering the Germanic People. But imagine if this battle had ended differently. How would the fusion of Roman and Germanic cultures have influenced the evolution of latin typography?

Alter-Roma combines the letterforms of Roman inscriptional capitals and Norse runes, to create a peculiar display font. Alter-Roma is meant to convey antiquity and unfamiliarity.